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'Beauty is in the honesty of materials, in the simplicity of forms, in the stories of those who lived them.

To find it, you just have to get close and listen.'

Claudio Monnini

Your dream home is waiting for you, in an  cozy stone village in southern Italy, or in the Apulian countryside surrounded by the magical architecture of old trulli and thousand year old olive trees. 

A unique sun kissed nest for you and your loved ones,  with a scent of the Mediterranean sea, ripe peaches and fresh herbs. Be it a holiday home, a private retreat or the beginning of a new, slower, more authentic life: your dream home is here, covered with the dust of history, or completely renovated, just waiting to be discovered. Exclusive, yet possible. 

Contact us, and we’ll make your

dream come true.

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Val d'Itria is a portion of Apulia (Puglia in Italian), which in 2019 and 2020 The New York Times nominated the  most beautiful region in the world. It is a unique plain between Bari  and Brindisi where a sunny and breezy weather, a unique light, century old traditions, a manicured countryside dedicated to organic agriculture together with  haute cuisine, art and music make it the perfect place for a family or romantic holiday, devoted to slow and authentic living. A countryside scattered with the iconic cones of trulli, the old olive trees (the patriarchs),  kilometers of stone drywalls surround small and delightful old whitewashed villages, beautiful and wild beaches, each with its own special character, places where you can go to every day to sunbathe, follow musical events or to taste the local cuisine.

Val d’Itria is easily reached by plane, car or train (minutes away from Bari or Brindisi Airports or train stations) making it the perfect holiday location for Northern Italians or Europeans looking for sunny days.



A small stone house in the old town center, perfect nest for beauty and design lovers.

The local  light stone, the majestic vault, the delicate colors together with the large stone ashlars make this small home a perfect hideaway for summer holidays in Puglia. A conservative restoration, respecting the original materials, and a contemporary use of LED lighting, to emphasize the stone textures, create the Apulian contemporary look, sought after by connoisseurs all over the world. Tailor made furniture and 'cocciopesto' plaster in the kitchen and in the bathroom add chic details to the space.