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Aggiornamento: 21 giu 2021

During the lockdown some activities have slowed down, but this has not stopped us from imagining, planning, dreaming, for when the time is right to open the renovation sites. So one day at the end of winter, my real estate partner, Pietro, owner of Invest D'Amico, in Cisternino, took me to see a beautiful house with many rooms, a large terrace and a garden that is now completely wild, in the presence of the owner. A late nineteenth-century building in the semi-periphery of Ceglie, with a noble bearing, ceilings over five metres high, with large pavilion vaults, floors covered with large chianche of local stone. "Archité, how do you see it?" "I see it as fantastic, this house could become a palace, it looks like the set of a neo-realist film". So I started, passionately, to draw what was on my mind. And what took shape was a residence imagined for a full, relaxed, comfortable lifestyle, surrounded by beauty and told through authentic, zero-kilometre materials such as stone, plaster, old wood and iron.

The living area

The dining room

The main room

The kitchen

The terrace

The main bathroom

The guests room

The garden and the building

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