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Challenges, like climate change, declining natural diversity and social imbalances, have prompted a growing niche of forward-thinking developers and architects to give more attention on sustainable activities in the luxury real estate sector.

The rise of sustainability concerns in luxury real estate has shifted the definition of aspirational living from the visibly extravagant to a unique brand of inventive, culturally relevant and thoughtful design.

This is not just a contemporary trend, but it has roots in the sensitivity of some of the great masters of 20th century architecture:

Frank Lloyd Wright, with his Fallingwater and Usonian houses, Geoffrey Bawa’s and Glenn Murcutt’s respectful approach for environment and Renzo Piano in designing New Caledonia's Cultural Centre or recently the Monaco's floating Seaside.

These ante-litteram green architects, like many contemporary colleagues, sought to explain to potential eco-conscious buyers that they do not have to give up an elegant look or ultimate comfort when choosing an eco-friendly home.

The term luxury which for centuries meant wasteful or opulent, has recently acquired a new meaning. Luxury is defined today by three dimensions: uniqueness, scarcity and durability. Therefore what is more luxurious than nature, silence, free time, well-being, and living immersed in beauty?

Green architect studios like Apulia Architecture & Design prove every day that luxury and sustainability can co-exist in the same buildings.

Taken as a whole, luxurious homes can be “green” and grand at the same time, thanks to the use of local and naturally sourced materials, the use of natural air conditioning systems and designer, low-consumption lighting, the respect and appreciation of local building culture and labor, combined with a sense of space, materials, color and light, and digital technology for a contemporary lifestyle.

To find out how comfort, beauty and design can integrate with the natural environment, contact us, we will help you realize your eco-luxury dream in Puglia.

Martina Grandolfo

AA&D Content manager

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