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All projects begin with a dream, that of a woman, or a man, or a family that falls in love with these places and their architecture. Some choose them for a period of their lives, some make them their home, and some make them their work.

Anna Tanzarella is a designer, she makes wonderful objects for the home with her fabrics, condensations of beauty and history that make every room unique. Her new shop Punto Antico in the medieval town centre of Ceglie Messapica was to be the right setting for her textile works of art. From an old barbershop, closed for years, to a white casket, elegant, essential, alive as the stone of this town.

Also the brand image and the graphic design were created by the architect.

Project and work direction: Claudio Monnini Apulia Architecture and Design.

Works: Edilizia Messapica.

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